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Flavors & Pricing

**Denotes Additional Charge

All of Artistic Sugarworks’ cakes are baked fresh and are never frozen. Each cake is baked from scratch using only the freshest, quality ingredients available. Some ingredients used include Bensdorp Cocoa imported from Holland, 100% pure vanilla imported from Mexico, Sweetex Hi-Ratio Icing Shortening and 100% real butter. Special attention is given to each and every cake created to ensure that it matches the occasion. Artistic Sugarworks can create a cake that will help make your occasion even more memorable.

Birthday and Special Occasion Cakes

Basic Occasion cakes are iced in Buttercream and include a spray of buttercream roses, a standard shell border and inscription. There is an additional charge for Gumpaste Flowers, ribbons, stringwork, beads, etc... Prices are dependant on complexity. All tiered occasion cakes will be priced using the same pricing as wedding cakes.

To guarantee availability, please place your order as early as possible. Orders placed 72 hours or less in advance of pick-up or delivery will be classified as a “rush order” and will incur a $15 rush order fee.

Contact me for a quote and to order a cake for your special occasion.

Wedding Cakes

Artistic Sugarworks understands the importance of your wedding day. Special emphasis is placed on creating a flavorful, beautiful, custom designed cake for your special day. Each cake is unique and created specifically for each couple’s taste and style.

Bookings are limited for wedding cakes, so it is important to finalize all of your details as early as possible. A non-refundable deposit is required to hold a requested date.

Wedding cake prices start at $2.50 per serving and increase based on cake flavor, icing choice and complexity of the design. Please be advised that Gumpaste Flowers, ribbons, stringwork, beads, etc... will contribute to increased cost. Most cakes will fall in the $2.50 to $4.50 per serving range.


At the consultation, you will be able to look through numerous books to find a style that you like and customize the design to your specifications.. Or, if there is a design you have found in a magazine or on the internet that you like, please bring it with you. You will be able to sample up to 3 flavors of cake and 2 icings. Consultations need to be scheduled and are not open to rescheduling should you cancel. So please be sure that the day you choose is convenient for you. Contact me to set up a consultation. ***Consultations are only available for wedding cakes.

Cake Prices and Flavors

The following table is a guide for cake pricing. Since all cakes are custom designs, actual pricing may vary. These prices include Buttercream icing, a spray of buttercream roses, a standard shell border and inscription.

All cakes (except sheets) are 2-layer & can also be made as single layer. Sheets can be made as 2-layer for additional cost.

Serving Sizes: Rounds are based on 2”x4” party wedges and Sheets are based on 2”x2”x2” party squares.

           Approx.                         Approx.                           Approx.                                 Approx.
Round   Serv.     Price   Square Serv.     Price       Sheet   Serv   Price             Other     Serv     Price
8"       10-12   $21.00     8"     16-20   $29.00     9x13"   20-25   $33.00       9" Heart   12-16   $27.00
9"       14-16   $27.00    12"   36-50   $68.00    11x15"   30-35   $45.00    2-9" Hearts 25-35   $51.00              10"     16-20   $31.00    16"   64-85   $118.00   12x18"   50-55   $60.00
12"       25-30   $45.00                                       14x22"   65-70 $100.00
3-D: Pricing is dependant on size, shape and overall complexity of the design.                                                                                                                                    
Cupcake Cakes: $35.00 each. Each Cupcake Cake is made with 24 cupcakes. Each additional cupcake requested will be an additional $1.50 or $15.00 per additional dozen.                       
Batters - Yellow                   Chocolate               Marble (not  available for cupcake cakes)           
                     Golden Vanilla           Zesty Lemon            Vanilla Butter 

Gourmet Batters- Kaluha White**       White Chocolate**      Sour Cream Spice**     Pumpkin**       
                             Carrot**      Italian Cream**      Bailey's Irish Cream**       Jack Daniel's Fudge**                       
Icings- Bride's Icing                  Buttercream              Italian Meringue Buttercream **
                           MallowFondant **           Cream cheese**        White Chocolate Cream Cheese**

Filling- All layer cakes will be filled with same frosting that is on cake unless other request is made.
         Fondant Covered cakes will be filled with Buttercream unless other request is made.

Specialty Filling- Chocolate Truffle**    Lemon**      Pineapple**   Raspberry Curd**   Strawberry**
                           White Chocolate Mousse**      Kaluha Custard**      Bailey's Chocolate Mousse**    
                         Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse**   Raspberry Mousse**   Vanilla Custard**

Deposits are required on ALL large cakes!! A non-refundable 50% deposit on all cakes over $50.00.

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